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Where is the plastic packaging bottle manufacturer?

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-15

Where is the plastic packaging bottle manufacturer? In-mold labeling technology. This technology has been widely used in foreign countries. In-mold labeling is a technology that is very different from traditional label packaging. It is a brand new label packaging form, traditional label packaging forms mainly include Heat Shrinkable label packaging, self-adhesive label packaging, and direct screen printing label packaging. Spray form is popular.

buy plastic packaging bottles and choose Plastic Products Co. , Ltd! Health care product packaging bottles have been widely used as people's demand for health care products increases. This kind of packaging bottle is different from other types of packaging bottles. Due to the special requirements of its contents, it needs strict control in all aspects in its manufacturing process and has obtained good performance advantages.

manufacturing of plastic packaging bottles: shading performance: Because vitamin E and other components will oxidize and deteriorate if exposed to light, the color of the coated piece will fade and deteriorate when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, for the packaging of such health care products, it must have a good sealing and shading effect and anti-penetration effect.

because volatile or iconic components can be dissolved inside the packaging material, then, with the help of osmotic pressure, it will spread to the other side. Those paper and polyethylene single-layer plastic film packaging can taste the smell of the object from the outside of the packaging. Such packaging has the characteristics of ventilation, light transmission and water permeability, the outside air and water will also enter the inside, which will affect the quality of the object.

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