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Turnover Box In Logistics And Transportation


The crucial advantages of plastic turnover box is beak-resistant, wear-resisting, cycle use and nested storage to saving 70% space, which widely used in machinery, automobile, home appliances, light industry, electronics such like factory, farm in circulation, transportation, distribution, storage and processing.


We select high quality new PP material and additive to make sure a good performance in the ability of anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant. The rational combination of principle of aesthetic and ergonomics and smooth surface processing to achieve comfortable use and longer use cycle.


The body of turnover box and the cover is boned with galvanized steel to avoid rusting. Two jagged lids without gaps and lock holes guarantee the security when it is closed. And the textured surface can keep it from sliding and easy to label and at the same time, can increase the friction when stacked to ensure the stability.


When select the turnover box, buyer need to consider following factors: the packing specifications of goods, the situation of conveyance, the place it used, and universality in dimensions.


The combined use with various container, can meet the integrated management in production and warehouse storage of enterprises. It becomes essential supplies for manufacturers and distributors to carry on the modernized logistic management.

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