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The Turnover Box In Election


The plastic turnover box, as we all known as logistics box, is widely used in various industries. It is very easy to manage because of the neat stacking, resistant to acid and alkali, oil, machinery, non-toxic and tasteless. The reasonable design and excellent quality are applicable for the transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other aspects of some articles of during election.

The plastic turnover box mainly uses food-grade environmentally friendly LLDPE materials, and use the world's most advanced --- rotary molding process refined by a molding, with a marine stainless steel lock and rubber mat at the bottom, not easy to change color, smooth surface, easy to clean and not afraid to scratch. So in election time, don't need to consider the plastic turnover box to be damaged, also can put some file, sundries into the plastic turnover .  

There are many different  plastic turnover boxes like stack plastic turnover box, Pluggable plastic turnover box and foldable plastic turnover box. But normally we use the foldable plastic turnover box in election time, there are two folding methods: fold-folding and internal-folding, these advantages are light weight, small footprint and Convenient combination to save much transportation cost.

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