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The Plastic Seal In Election


In election, we will use the different quantity  plastic seals to lock the ballot box. Some ballot box just need 5 pcs plastic seal, some ballot box need much more. So can be sure the security. Also, there are many designs for the plastic seal and we can choose different colors, the plastic seals are formed by injection molding of synthetic resin. There are thin steel plates in the seals. The plastic seals can keep the same shape in different temperature  from minus 45 degrees to 50 degrees and from 50 degrees to 30 degrees from zero. 

The surface of plastic seal can be stamping or laser marking, serial number, bar code, and the locking rod is 2 to 5 flat rods. When the plastic  seal is applied, it can be adjusted and tightened, and the pulling force can reach the effect of F≥60KG.

The plastic seal is disposable product, so for election, will produce much more than request to avoid any breaking. Also for the quality, should control the production processes, raw material procurement and product testing. Need to use theEnvironmentally friendly material. Good quality will make the plastic seal  more stronger and cannot be broken without tool. Like this, the plastic seal can keep the ballot box with very good security for election. The voter would like to trust the election is fair.  

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