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The Plastic Ballot Box In Election


The Plastic Ballot Box In Election

The plastic Ballot box is made of PP material. Normally we will produce the different transparency box like 50%, 70% 90%. Different transparency can make the ballot box different effect. High transparency will made the ballot box more security. Voter can see the ballot box clearly, so it is justice and equity.

There are some holes in the ballot box, usually the 4 holes in the ballot box and one hole in the lid. These holes can connect the lid and the base to be sure that's security ballot box. For the lid, we can produce many different colors like blue, yellow, white, black, red etc. Also, there is one voting slot in the cover to vote. When finish the election, the voting slot also will be locked. 

There are many countries prefer to use the plastic ballot box, not just for the country election, the state election also will use the plastic ballot box. Like Nigeria, Zambia, Nepal, Kenya, Chad, Australia etc. To be sure the security, will produce the plastic ballot box near the election time. So sometimes, the plastic ballot box will be delivered by air. But if that's big quantity, sea shipent will be the best choice.

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