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The ability of plastic products to rise must be 'deliberately practiced'

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-23

The only way for plastic products manufacturers to improve their abilities and skills is effective training, also called 'deliberate practice'. What plastic products manufacturers really learn is skills and abilities, only through effective practice can you achieve it. Plastic products manufacturers saw a famous saying from president Rong Lanxiang: 'If you learn to dig the ground, you can cook the dishes, and if you learn to tailor, you can cook the clothes. If we don't study hard, what's the difference between Lan Xiang and Peking University in Tsinghua '. Inspired by the 'deliberate practice' of plastic products manufacturers: put a book on the toilet, and what you learn can still be systematic. On the contrary, plastic products manufacturers are trained in the system and only get a scale and a half claws.

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