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Recycling and Reuse Technology of plastic packaging waste

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-16

with the development of economy and the rapid rise of packaging industry, packaging waste has also increased greatly at the same time. If it is not treated in time, it will seriously pollute the environment, over time, a vicious trend of non-governance has been formed. At present, the recycling and reuse of packaging waste has become a top priority for environmental protection in various countries and a primary measure to control global environmental pollution. This paper intends to elaborate on the recycling and reuse technology of plastic packaging waste.

The annual economic loss caused by solid waste and the value of unused waste resources in our country can reach 30 billion RMB. Take plastic packaging material as an example. China's annual plastic packaging products reach about 3 million tons, and the recycling of its waste can save a lot of energy and resources. For example, plastic parts and packaging containers made of plastic waste can save 85 ~ of the required energy compared with plastic parts and packaging containers made of pure resin ~ 96%; If the recycling of plastic waste by incineration method can save energy.

but compared with the recycling method, the latter can save more energy, for example: 45. The combustion value of 4 kg ρ density polyethylene is 1. 90 thousand joules, but recycling can save 3. The energy of 80 thousand joules. The recycling of packaging waste is generally divided into two categories: material recycling and thermal energy recycling. At present, the recycling of domestic packaging waste is mainly based on material recycling.

material recovery technology is to sort (According to the type of packaging material) The packaging waste, using the corresponding treatment technology, is recycled into new similar materials. As far as recycling technology is concerned, various kinds of packaging wastes can generally be recycled, but the economy of recycled materials is quite different. The economy of paper, glass and metal recycling is reasonable, and plastics are not ideal.

thermal energy recovery is to put mixed flammable packaging waste into the incinerator for combustion, and to use the thermal energy generated during combustion as energy, for power generation and heating. Before the heat energy recovery, it is generally not necessary to strictly sort the mixed packaging waste. The result of the recycling treatment greatly reduces the volume and weight of the solid waste, it is a convenient packaging waste treatment method. However, it is worth mentioning that the flue gas generated during the recovery process should be treated with reliable technical measures to prevent secondary pollution of the atmosphere.

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