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Recycling and regeneration of plastic products

by:SMART DRAGON     2019-12-17

plastic products are widely used for their light weight, waterproof, durable, beautiful products and mature production technology, and are increasing year by year, china has become one of the world's top ten producers of plastic products and is also the largest consumer of plastic materials. Our common plastic products are: plastic pallets, plastic trash cans, plastic baskets, turnover boxes, plastic storage tanks, plastic water tanks, plastic parts for vehicles, plastic bottles, various civil plastics, etc.

plastic wastes in the environment are not easy to rot, resulting in an increase in garbage dumps and an increase in pollution points; Plastic films such as agricultural films enter the soil, which are not easy to decompose and prevent the soil permeability, make the soil worse and affect the growth of crops; Plastic waste has accounted for more than 60% of marine floating objects, endangering marine life and maritime safety. Therefore, the recycling and utilization of plastic waste has reached a point that cannot be ignored. At present, the recycling technology of plastic waste can be divided into five aspects.

Direct recycling and modified recycling of waste plastics such utilization is the most important method for the utilization of waste plastics, its technology investment and cost are relatively low, which has become the main method for many countries to use renewable resources, both of which have mature processes. Compared with modified recycling, the technology investment and cost of direct recycling are relatively lower and the selection is more common, but modified recycling is the development direction.

Direct recycling this is the direct molding process after classifying, cleaning, crushing and granulation the recycled waste plastic products, it also includes adding appropriate auxiliary components (Such as stabilizer, anti-aging agent coloring agent, etc) To cooperate, adding these additives only improves the processing performance, appearance or anti-aging effect, and does not improve the basic performance of recycled products.

A Japanese construction company crushed the waste foam plastic, heated it by Infrared Irradiation, reduced its volume to less than 20%, and then mixed with special cement, made'Rice candy' The building material, as a low-cost sound insulation material, has a good sound insulation effect and is widely used. Modified recycling this is a blend modification that modifies recycled materials by mechanical blending or chemical grafting, such as toughening, reinforcing, blending, compounding, and activating particle filling, and cross-linking, grafting, chlorination and other chemical modifications.

The properties of modified recycled products, especially mechanical properties, can be significantly improved or improved, can be used as a higher grade of recycled products. However, the process route is more complicated and sometimes requires specific mechanical equipment. Almost all thermoplastic waste plastics can be collected, sorted, cleaned, crushed, dried and hot melt, and recycled plastic plates, pipes, bars, parts, containers, etc. can be produced with various plastic forming and processing equipment. For example, disposable foamed polystyrene (EPS) Foam tableware can also be modified and recycled, which can solve the problem that the tableware is forbidden.

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