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Plastic Trolley In Logistics And Transportation


Plastic Trolley is a light transport and handling equipment, which was mainly done by manpower with horizontal ground motion and a heavy vertical load on it and can reduce labor intensity and improve the security of material handling . It mainly applies to warehouse, station, supermarket and chain stores.

The plastic frame is made of high quality PP material, one of a resin material and supported by galvanized sheet iron and special Transmission technology process on the PU wheel. The reasonable combination of those sections, makes it widely used in office, hospital, library, hotel and restaurant as well.   


Considering the complexity of logistic activities and diversity of user requirements, there are different specifications in the market, for example, one-floor quiet plastic and double floor quiet plastic trolley, hand push type and foldable type.


With the advantages of low cost, simple maintenance,easy operation, and light weight, it is still essential and handy way in transportation field especially when driving a car is inconvenient or impossible ,even though the technologies and system material handling matures.


Smart Dragon Plastic Products can offer different types of plastic trolley. And customer can choose the most suitable size and structure for using.

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