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Plastic products should do a good job in the production of occupational hazards

by:SMART DRAGON     2019-12-14

plastic products manufacturers should do a good job in the working environment, clarify the management process, inspection methods, determine the evaluation criteria of plastic products, rectification acceptance process and requirements, etc, through the improvement and management of the working environment of plastic products, it is ensured that the production process, Operation space, Operation position and operation procedures of plastic products meet the specifications and standards. To continuously manage and rectify the 'dirty, disorderly and poor' phenomenon in the plastic products operation site, and strive to create a safe and good working environment for employees. Plastic products manufacturers should do a good job in the management of occupational hazards in production, focus on controlling occupational hazards prevention points in plastic products production sites, take corresponding protective measures, carry out periodic rotation and improve the occupational health protection system, prevention of occupational diseases

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