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Plastic products need to identify consumer 'pain points'

by:SMART DRAGON     2019-12-08

The two meanings of the pain points of plastic products manufacturers: first, the problems, entanglements and complaints encountered by consumers of plastic products manufacturers in their normal life, such as this kind of thing cannot be solved, consumers will feel uncomfortable or even painful; Second, the 'pain point' created by plastic products manufacturers for the marketing of pain points makes consumers feel that there will be a 'pain' if they do not buy the products and services ', I will feel that if I don't buy it, I will regret this kind of 'pain '. Therefore, what plastic products manufacturers have to do is: first, find out the pain points faced by consumers from the daily life of plastic products manufacturers, then launch targeted products according to these pain points, and then tell the world to tell consumers: 'I can help you solve this problem, if you face this problem, come and buy my products! '

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