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Plastic products 'low price competition' is not conducive to long-term Yuchang

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-30

plastic products manufacturers 'low-cost competition' is not conducive to long-term Yuchang, in the case that customers can not identify product quality, the seller has no bottom line of business, and ultimately disrupted the market, there was a mistake in starving peers, killing themselves and killing plastic products manufacturers. Behind this seemingly prosperous, is the life of plastic products manufacturers really better? By the end of the year, after settling accounts, excluding workers' wages, rental fees, utilities, market promotion fees, logistics fees and other expenses, they had worked hard for a year, leaving three melons and two dates in the end. In addition, when some plastic products manufacturers compete at low prices, they often adopt product quality compression in order to protect their capital, while consumers buy products with reduced quality and find problems in the process of use, then destroy the brand image.

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