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Plastic products 'explosion warehouse' error is difficult to solve iteration must also have a degree

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-30

The word 'overcapacity' of plastic products manufacturers is a common occurrence in the industry. The phenomenon of warehouse explosion is horrible, and the digestion ability of plastic products manufacturers is getting worse and worse if the inventory cannot be lowered, however, the rapid iteration of product renewal and the change of taste of young people are all the reasons for the industry's 'warehouse explosion. Product Update iteration is rapid, it is difficult to seize the market; Young people change their tastes and products with different personalities are favored; In the face of the phenomenon of 'Warehouse Explosion', plastic products manufacturers need to find the right reason to suit the remedy to the case, keep awake at all times, and do not carry out product renewal and iteration without restraint for innovation. The market needs a buffer period and products also need it, product iteration that caters to consumer demand is an effective way to resolve 'overcapacity'

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