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Plastic mold mainstream design

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-15

concept of main channel of plastic mold

mainstream channel refers to the conical flow channel close to the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the shunt channel, which passes through the molten plastic first when it enters the mold. The size of its diameter is closely related to the plastic flow rate and the length of mold filling time. When the diameter is too large, it will cause too much cold material to be recovered and the cooling time will increase, while the increase of air in the enclosure will easily lead to loose bubbles and tissues, which will easily lead to eddy current and insufficient cooling. In addition, when the diameter is too large, the flow resistance of the melt is increased, which is also not conducive to the molding of plastic products.

The main channel shape in the side gate pouring system and the point Gate pouring system is roughly the same, but the size is different.

The main channel of thermoplastic is generally in the gate sleeve, and the gate sleeve is made into a separate insert and placed on the fixed template, however, some small molds can also open the mainstream channel directly on the fixed template without using the gate cover. The gate sleeve can be divided into two categories: the second board mold gate sleeve and the third board mold gate sleeve.

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