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Looking at the prospect of plastic products from the development of plastic machinery industry

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-06-03

demand for plastic processing equipment will increase due to steady economic growth, continued industrialization and increased personal income in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions. Packaging will still be the largest in the plastic processing machinery market, accounting for more than 2017 of the total sales of 1/3. The next largest Terminal Market is consumer goods and construction. China's plastic machinery will have a good development space with these advantages.

because the export volume of China's plastic machines is increasing and the total export value is rising, the global plastic machine market pattern has undergone new changes; Third, because China's plastic machine has obvious product advantages, not only the product quality is assured, but also the cost performance is high, and it is quite competitive in foreign markets; Fourth, because the development speed of China's plastic machines has amazed the world's peers, and the industrial structure adjustment has been accelerating, the product grades have been continuously improved, and they are participating in international competition in a wider range, in a wider field and at a higher level.

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