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Inclined mainstream road design

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-06-02

Generally speaking, plastic molds require the position of the mainstream channel to coincide with the center of the mold as much as possible, otherwise there will be the following adverse consequences.

(1) When the main channel deviates from the center of the mold, the clamping force and the expansion force are not on the same line, so that the mold is subjected to torque during production. This torque will open one side of the mold to generate a flash, or misplacement and deformation of the core will eventually lead to serious consequences such as deformation of the mold guide post and even the tie rod of the injection molding machine.

(2) When the mainstream road deviates from the center of the mold, the top stick hole also deviates from the center of the mold. When the plastic product is pushed out, the push rod plate will also be subjected to a torque. After the torque is passed to the push rod, it can cause the putter to wear or even break.

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