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How to design the demoulding slope of plastic products?

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-19

In the inner and outer surfaces of the plastic parts along the demoulding direction, sufficient demoulding inclination should be designed to facilitate demoulding, otherwise demoulding difficulties will occur or the plastic parts will be damaged or scratched when jacking out. The commonly used slope value is 1 ~ 1. 5 °, can also be as small as 0. 5 °. When there are special requirements for use, the slope can be used on the outer surface.

under normal circumstances, if the slope does not hinder the use of the product, the slope value can be larger. Sometimes, in order to leave the part on the positive mold or in the negative mold when opening the mold, the slope of the side is intentionally reduced, or the slope of the opposite side is increased. The dimensional inclination value with tolerance requirements can be within the tolerance range of the part or outside the tolerance range.

when forming a product with a large depth, not only does the Yin and Yang die have sufficient inclination, it is also necessary to make the slope of the Yang mold greater than the slope of the Yin mold, so that the thickness of the side wall of the lower part of the part is larger than the thickness of the upper part. When the die is closed, the density of the upper part of the part is guaranteed due to the sharp splitting.

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