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Correct selection of degreasing agent in electroplating of plastic products

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-21

The scientific name of white electric oil is n-heptane, which has high fat solubility and high volatility. It has strong decontamination ability in electroplating processing of plastic products, so it is often used as cleaning agent in industry, it is especially widely used in hardware, electronics and plastic electroplating industries. However, White oil is actually a very dangerous substance.

in the plastic surface electroplating industry, such as ABS, PC, TPU and other material injection molding processes, the use of release agent causes oil stain on the surface of the material, and oil spots and oil pits appear during electroplating. In order to solve this phenomenon, the electroplating industry generally uses white electric oil to soak and clean. On the surface of plastic parts, they are invisible and intangible, but after they are produced, they find a pile of defective oil products.

This is a headache that every manufacturer of vacuum coating will encounter, the technicians who are doing the production line are really hard to say. Looking for a mold factory, people say that there is no release agent and no oil pollution. Indeed, the surface of the material does not see oil at all, looking for the top, you will feel that your technical problems are not good.

In fact, it just can't be seen. Oil pollution does exist. It has already solidified after the high temperature of the injection molding machine, some will penetrate into the surface of the material, which is generally invisible to the naked eye, but as soon as the UV bottom is applied, the oil socket will be fully opened and piles of defective products will be made, so pre-treatment becomes very important.

there are different treatment methods according to the severity of oil pollution, which are made of white electric oil bubbles, cleaned by ultrasonic plus degreasing powder, and wiped manually, some materials will be treated with white electric oil plus acetone or directly with cyclohexane, and some will be sprayed with PP water repair water. In short, each has its own advantages. Shenzhen Hongshun electroplating focuses on plastic electroplating.

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