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Collapsible Crates In Logistics And Transportation


The Applications of Collapsible Crates In Logistics And Transportation


Plastic collapsible crates is common in retail logistics, for they offer the advantages of space-saving, light weight and robustness. Accordingly to global tendency of the green logistics and distribution network, to establish a efficient and environmental system, plastic folding crates play an important role.


As one of unitized logistics equipment, plastic collapsible boxes are mainly made as the standard size of 600 x 400mm (Length by Width), which to can be used along with international size of pallets or other logistic container to realize the maximize the usage of space.


We can offer the collapsible boxes in different colors, heights and different versions. Our diversity in the folding box make us to active in the process of transport, logistics, and distribution.


Our new have-duty transparent collapsible crate can hold the products more than 30kgs and stacked up to 5 layers will not bow under a heavy load and view the product status without opening it. When it is not in use, it can be collapsed down to mere inches to save space.


Collapsible crate is ideal choice for logistics of fragile fruit and vegetables, with perfect combination of fragile fruit and vegetables. The ventilated sides, which maintain an excellent air flowing, keep the products fresh and cool. Moreover, the reinforcement of bottom guarantee a safe transport of vulnerable products. And they will be surely used in all kinds of industries as a logistic transport storage solution in the future logistic development.

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