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Classification of plastic product gate covers

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-05-22

There are many forms of nozzle sleeve classification, which can be selected according to different mold structures. According to different pouring systems, the gate sleeve is usually divided into two categories: the second board mold gate sleeve and the third board mold gate sleeve.

1, two-plate mold nozzle sleeve, two-plate mold nozzle sleeve is a standard part, usually according to the weight of the plastic required for the plastic products formed by the mold, the length of the required nozzle sleeve. When more plastic is required, use a larger gate cover; On the contrary, a smaller type is selected. According to the length of the gate sleeve, different mainstream channel taper is selected so that the aperture of the end of the gate sleeve can match the diameter of the mainstream channel.

2, three-plate mold nozzle sleeve is larger, the mainstream channel is shorter, the mold no longer needs a positioning ring. The gate sleeve of the three-plate mold should be separated from the flow channel push plate when opening the mold, so they are matched with a 90 ° taper surface to reduce the friction during opening and closing the mold.

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