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Car Roof Signs


Plastic Car Roof Signs is frequently used in car dealer and service garages, for staffs to identify and manage cars orderly and to improve their work efficiency. As different requirements of different stations, they will give various definitions when use it.

Different colors can have different meanings in status of service and applied placed. While numbers can means the order of the cars is being serviced. For example, the red color represent booking status. When the car is in reservation and waiting for maintenance, the service personal will put the car roof sign on it. The number on the car roof sign means sequence number ahead of the car into service.


The plastic car roof signs is made of PP material with EVA bottom and strong magnets. Soft EVA bottom to protect the car against scratches. Strong magnets allows the car roof on the car no slipping. And the triangle shape make the signs to be seen easily from different angels. Moreover, customer can customize their brand on it.


With the advantages of waterproof, long use life and low cost, it can make the productivity improved and proceed orderly, which is preferred by customers in Australia, USA, Canada and Middle East countries.

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