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Ballot Box In Charity Donation


Ballot box not only can be used for election ,can also be used for charity and donation.

Gathering coins and cash . Ballot box is a sealed box for other 5 sides ,only has a lid on the top ,so it can gather the donated coins and cash very well. We can use plastic seals to fix the lid together with the body , nobody can take away the money which should be used for people who really need it.

Put donated daily necessities like clothes ,books ,etc. Some people are willing to give their love to needed person ,but they maybe not give money ,while donate daily necessities that can help the needed people more quickly ,like clothes to keep them warm ,books to let them have knowledge .At this moment ,ballot box can be used as a storage box to put these things and send out together .

As a storage box the put things for charity events. Many charity events are hold now ,each event has a lot of things need to be prepared ,the decoration ,the foods , the souvenir ,etc ,all these things need boxes to put and transport ,ballot box can play its role.

For suggestion to charity. Some organizations and persons who engage in charity ,can use the ballot box as a suggestion box to promote their action ,just using the plastic seal to fix the box ,so people can throw in their suggestion letter and other people can not see what they say to keep the security.

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