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Application Of The Plastic Seal


For the plastic seal, the serrations can be closely attached to the elastic plastic buckle in the plastic mouth, so the plastic seal can fix and lock very strongly. The plastic seal  has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, not easy to age, strong endurance, safety lockout and also the tails can be bent as request, so it is very easy to adjust the size. Also it is guaranteed to be  the same shape even though 45 degrees below zero and 50 degrees above zero. For printing, can be logo, serial number with different colors.

There are variety of plastic seals with a wide range of appearance colors. Plastic seals are suitable for many related industries like postal bags, mechanical seals, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, petroleum transportation, chemicals, mining, postal services, customs, railways, containers, transportation and transportation product processing, and also enterprise product inspection, packaging barrel packaging, energy Measuring, preventing storage, etc.

When choose the plastic seal, please don't use the normal design and color in marketing. It is very easy to be copied and imitated, then will lose the exact senses using the plastic seal. So should consider character of the plastic seal and the exact request, then can be better use of plastic seals. 

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