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Analysis of the present situation of plastic products industry

by:SMART DRAGON     2019-12-15

plastic products city believes that with the change of market demand and the improvement of the industrial chain, the downstream customers of mold enterprises have gradually changed from a single requirement for mold quality'Mold, product'The direction of integrated solutions is developing. Based on the technical accumulation of mold design and manufacturing for many years, most enterprises in the industry began to change their own business methods, and gradually increased the production scale of back-end products by integrating the advantages of the mold industry chain.

In'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' During this period, China's plastic products industry continued to develop in the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. In recent years, China's plastic products industry has maintained a rapid development trend, with production and sales ranking first in the world, with plastic products accounting for about 20% of the world's total output. According to the data, the number of enterprises above designated size in China's plastic processing industry increased from 12,963 in 2011 to about 15,000 in 2016. While the market competition intensified, the concentration of the industry was further improved.

during the same period, the main business income of enterprises above designated size increased from 15,583. 7. 4 billion yuan increased to 22,855. 1 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of 7. 96%. China's plastic products industry import and export situation in recent years, benefit from China'Steady foreign trade' The boosting effect of the policy has maintained a good growth trend in domestic plastic exports. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, 2011- In 2016, China exported 795 plastic products. 0 thousand tons increased to 1,040. 0 thousand tons, with an annual compound growth rate of 5. 52%.

during the same period, the export volume of plastic products increased from 234. US $6. 8 billion increased to 356. US $7. 4 billion, with an annual compound growth rate. 74%. On the whole, under the influence of favorable policies, China's plastic products industry exports will show a steady growth trend. The Development Trend of China's plastic products industry at present, China's plastic products industry is in a critical period of transition from a high-speed growth zone to an industrial maturity and moving towards a middle and high end of the industry, and has changed from high-speed growth to medium-speed steady growth, the plastic products industry has ushered in new development opportunities and business situations.

The market space is large, and the industry will continue to grow. With the gradual transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, the proportion of high-end products will gradually increase, the basic supporting service functions are constantly improving, the output of plastic products is constantly increasing, the market space is still large, and the output value can maintain a high growth rate, while the basic application areas that meet the general needs of society have maintained steady growth.

The high-end application field is gradually strengthening. It can be seen that the plastic products industry is still in the stage of rising development, and the transformation and upgrading are progressing steadily. 'Replacing steel with plastic','Replacing wood with plastic' The development trend provides a broad market space for the development of plastic products industry. In the future, with the technological progress and consumption upgrading of China's modified plastics, China's plastic products industry will continue to grow.

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