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Advantages of plastic industrial trolleys


Thinking of having an industrial trolley at hand, all heavy pieces of stuff will be just solved, let's take a quick look at this article talking about plastic industrial trolleys ;


SMART DRAGON-Advantages Of Plastic Industrial Trolleys From Smart Dragon

Industrial trolleys are being used more commonly these days due to the many advantages it offers to the user. For some people, they may not understand what these industrial trolleys are and how they can ease the burden in your retail shop, warehouse or supermarket. This article will highlight all the information you may need to know about transport trollers, especially plastic kind.

All about plastic industrial trolleys 

Industrial trolleys are logistics equipment that aid in transportation, delivery, and storage of products over many areas of applications. They provide high efficiency and fast logistics turnover that would not have been previously realized. Deposited being a transport trolley, these industrial trolleys offer various other uses like;

Storage of equipment 

Maintenance of buffer stock on a production line.

Warehouse trolleys are the most common in use due to the vast need for transportation and storage. 

Other areas that these industrial trolleys are used include the:

Airlines - the trolley can transport baggage from the cargo areas among other things.

Specialized farms

Post - used to carry mail

Supermarket- customers can use the trolley to shop and transport to the carriage.

Warehouse - to transport or store


Freight stations 

Those are just but some of the many uses and applications of plastic industrial trolleys.

Types of plastic industrial trolleys 

There exist many types of plastic industrial trolleys all playing different purposes and fulfilling different services. Below is an exclusive list of all the types of transport trolleys you should be able to find in the market.Cleaning trolley- this kind is meant for the hospitality industry. Catering and transport of things. The trolley could include about 2 or 3 shelves, a locker, and a side container. Most people place the trolleys in the kitchen to allow utensils and utilities to move around more easily but also in the accommodation areas whenever they are doing cleaning or more commonly known, room service.

Dollies- these trolleys are more like flatbeds where you place your goods in the top of the trolley and move around. It is a warehouse kind trolley for equipment that may be heavy to lift.

Folding trolleys - these are the most basic trolleys that can be converted to take up even less space than usual. If your space area of maneuver is little, this is the best trolley for you.

Container trolleys- this kind is meant to be mobile storage for tool, equipment, and products. You can easily and rapidly organize yourself with these trolleys.

Panel trolleys

Post trolleys- these are commonly known for delivery, distribution, and storage of mail. Could be used in the office or post offices to transport from the store to mailbox areas.

Roll trolleys- these stacking and transporting. They come on different shapes and sizes.

Retail trolleys- for use in the supermarkets or the office. Comes with about 2 to 5-year warranty.

Shelf trolleys- mostly for storage. It is available for 2,3, or 4 shelves heavy duty and a 5-year guarantee on most.

Square table trolleys 

Stainless steel trolleys 

Tray trolleys - similar to the cleaning trolleys but has the top table and trays. Ranges from lightweight to heavyweight carrying up to 200kgs.

Warehouse trolleys - the most common trolleys. Can come with the base only or with ends and sides.

Workshop trolleys - used for storage and transportation of tools and equipment around the work area.

Features of plastic industrial trolleys 

Plastic industrial trolleys have specific features that make them more outstanding. Studies have revealed that nine out of ten retailers would prefer plastic over the metal trolleys like the one made of steel. Let's find out why.

It has contemporary and stylish designs, like the novel design on the dollies. Their modular structure has versatility in accessories and the add-ins available on the trolleys.

Variety of colors. There are wide arrays of colors to choose from. You could use it to complement the decor colors of your industry.

Environmental friendly - use of plastic means that or can be recycled.

The warehouse trolleys have thickened pedals for extra support of the weight.

Anti-slip texture - trolleys are made with rubber tires that help with universal wheel stacking.

Honeycomb chassis design - this means that the trolleys have very strong capacity and high intensity for work.

Advantages of plastic industrial trolleys

There are many reasons to give why purchasing a trolley for your business is a viable choice. Below are some of the advantages of having a trolley at your disposal.It is convenient to use

Saves time you could have taken transporting via other means.

Prevents damage caused by falling or dropping things.

It makes it easy to maneuver.

The plastic industrial trolley is durable and strong enough to do the job.

It is very effortless to load goods into the trolley.

The plastic is unbreakable 


Low to no maintenance costs to be incurred.

There is great value for your money with the work you will do

It is easy to store away.

There is the speed of service.

It is a reliable tool for use in any circumstance.

It is rustproof - being that it is plastic rather than metal there is longevity as the materials will not lust or have a bad appearance.

It produces less noise.

It is smooth going especially with turn wheels. There will be no wobbling or jamming. 

Points to consider before purchase

Before you take the step to purchase. There are certain factors you should look out for.

The purpose of the trolley. 

As you have seen there are a wide variety of trolleys to choose from.

Look that the spare handlebars the trolley has an extra support system

The durability of the trolley.

The size or capacity it has.. you didn't have to buy a heavy stroller and it's only for retail.

The quality of the trolley.

Look for the design and desirable features. 

Wheels. These may be the most important factor to look at as they ate what will aid in transportation. Look for turning wheels as they will give you good maneuverability. Look for wheels that can withstand wear and tear and have strong brakes, an ESD protection.


The industrial trolley is a good investment for you especially if you are in the business of transportation and storage of products. It will ease up all your load and make things convenient and subtle for you. Taking note of all the precautions above, you should be able to get your self the best transport trolley for your warehouse, supermarket, office or another area. Speaking of hunting for plastic trolley supplier, definitively it couldn't be better should buyer just reach factory in Asia, which abounds in direct resource and labor.

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