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Advantages of medical plastic bottles

by:SMART DRAGON     2020-06-01

with the increasing progress of science and technology, the development of pharmaceutical packaging bottles has also received more and more attention. The quality of pharmaceutical packaging has affected the safety of medicines to prevent them from getting wet. Pressing bottles face increasingly fierce market competition, traditional old-fashioned glass packaging bottles or some opaque oral medicine packaging bottles.

prompted the material of the packaging bottle to change, thus changing the packaging mode. The production of plastic packaging bottles requires high-temperature sterilization. In the process of stretching, blow molding and forming, the crystal orientation surface in plastic can improve the strength, hardness and transparency of plastic packaging bottles through changes in its basic structure.

has become a new generation of packaging leading the trend, showing the characteristics of unity of aesthetics and practicality. With the continuous innovation and development of new moisture-proof barrel products and China's strong investment in pharmaceutical packaging, I believe that the future Chinese pharmaceutical plastic bottle market is definitely worthy of attention and has great potential.

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